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this is stupid

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You are Stupid...

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i like it !! and its clear... "stupid" comment doesn´t say anything...

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strong visual, clear message.

sharks have the sharpest teeth, so they could take the "fillet" out of any species that comes out of water.
just like the Wusthof knife.

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strong visual, clear message.

sharks have the sharpest teeth.
they could take the fillet out of any species that comes out of the water.
just like the Wusthof "fish fillet" knife.

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At least in this version it's also related to cutting fish and not just "sharp"...
But I agree, the visuals are strikingly similar.

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I like it... very nice and clear

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A mi me gusta bastante, buena analogía

I like it a lot, nice analogy

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man goes in cage. cage goes in water. knife's in the water.

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Trainee work

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if i'm not mistaken, shark is deeply related to "dangerous" and not sharp ... but the copy helps ... a bit

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ok. weird execution.



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just looking like a shark doesn't make it a fish knife, does it? And it certainly says nothing about sharp at all... Oh wait... it can split water.

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I like it.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Maybe if it were cutting something hard that looked like water it would convey the "sharp" concept and still come off as a shark. A knife running through water doesn't say much to me.

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nice one

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I think some people are being a bit pedantic about the sharp reference. The shark is the most dangerous fish in the sea, the knife is the sharpest of its kind. I think it is an apt comparison. If the knife was in a piranha's mouth instead of teeth, that might be a closer fit for sharp but more forced. Having said that i have seen the shark thing done before but this isn't bad at all.

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i think i would have put the line- "all fish beware" or 'slays all fish' or for fun- 'beware the fish slayer!' :D

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Simple yet effective - to the point -stong visuals = great ad! well done

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Amsterdam, The ...

Love sharks! Like the ad!

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very clear and strong. nothing confusing here. good execution. well done!

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böyle bir iş yapılmıştı. yine türkiye, yine çalıntı. güzel çalmışsınız. bravo