We are animals, 2

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August 2008

Art Director / Copywriters: Julie Louison, Perinne Durand:

Print advertisment created by FFL, France for Wrangler, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: FFL Paris, France

Executive Creative Directors:

Agency Supervisors: , Daniel Dormeyer, Brani Branitcheva, Vassilios Basos, Paola Bersi

Advertiser Supervisor: Giorgio Presca, Mark Cuthbert, Gary Burnand, Carmen Claes

Art Buyers: Camille Guerrier, Charlotte Delobelle

Media Strategy and Buying: FFL Media, Pascal Crifo

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totalcrap's picture
Activity Score 34

Photography is beautiful, albeit a tad menacing. Still, Wranglers are "dad jeans" to me. I think they were better off with their cowboy image than the scary, naked, feral forest youth motif shown here.

ming the merciless's picture
ming the merciless
Activity Score 190

I'm no expert but I'd say they might be trying to shake the cowboy image, wouldn't you?

If they're going for the 'cool kids vote' then something edgy like this is probably the way to go.

rave's picture
Activity Score 51

.................I like the logo.....................I like only the logo......................I think the campaign looks nice only because of the logo of the brand. You guys just hide the logo with your hand and then see the campaign. One little suggestion: Pls don't send this for awards!!!!!!

RM's picture
Activity Score 419

ha ha ha, yeah you're right! And even still, if they are going for a new image the logo screams cowboy dad! WTF?

tyro's picture
Activity Score 28

Dunno, somehow i would still wear wrangler, even if you call it 'cowboy dad'. I think they're a pretty cool brand.
I agree with an earlier comment that they may be trying to shrug off the cowboy image.
Although, there is probably an attempt to keep the 'rugged, tough, untamed' image of the brand.

the Pun-isher's picture
the Pun-isher
Activity Score 228

Fred and farid were a great team. Think Xbox "craddle to grave and spoof,but this I'm not too sure about.
Anyways, who cares.
The Photography is hot and it's fashion. This apparently is the only criteria for this category.

terry127's picture
Activity Score 80

zombie world's picture

just great... as usual with this french team!

mark09's picture
Activity Score 90

Shame on you, David Lubars!!

Guest's picture

gross. disturbing. moving on.

Guest's picture

would want to see the brief on this one. trying to understand what the judges loved.

Guest's picture

true.. i still cant see the strategy on this one.... maybe they want to tap the youth or something...

Guest's picture

nice photography. horrible non-idea