World Press Freedom Day

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May 2008
 World Press Freedom Day


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Please tell me that's not a casket.

A.G. Pennypacker
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It's not a casket...

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i think thats a casket.but unfortunately thats look like just a box.
anyway good try guys. better luck next time!

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whitespace's picture

well... you could call it a coffin...

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weak weak metaphor

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for heavens sake... 3 writers?

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hahaha, i guess each one wrote one word :)

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Are they seriously trying to tell us that it took 13 people to come up with this ad... and yea... 3 writers? Are they for real?
I just saw a pen in a box... thought it was an ad for Cross!

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Other additional credits: The rest of the agency creatives. lol.

Jet Lee
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Not to mention the fact that the media has nothing to do with pens anymore :P

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- Leo Burnett

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wait till you see a credit listing from BBDO.

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The madman thinks he is sane. I know I am mad. -- Pablo Picasso


thought is not coming across clearly buddy!!!!

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is that a sushi?

World Group Acc...
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Weak. There should be real coffins but smaller... but they would still be weak.

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Boring.....bad art.

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what the f. is this, so many people to develop such crap..... weak, weak.... so weak

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NatalieM's picture

How is putting the pen to rest a metaphor for freedom?

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is it made to be an ironic ad coz the pen already is in the coffin.......

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Guys, first of all check where the ad comes from???
Thats the answer to all the queries...

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jenm's picture

well I think it's not such a bad idea, just simple.
But bad art direction. Didn't get it at first as I really expected it to be a sushi roll.

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Guest's picture

I'm from Sri Lanka, got it at once. The casket is typical of the ones you see here, and journalism still has a lot to do with the pen.

Guest's picture

Look, u have to be from Sri Lanka to understand this. I got it at once. & i thought it was brilliant. You have NO IDEA how suppressed the media down here is. Journalists are murdered in order to silence the truth. I thought this was a great idea.Like the ad said it's against media it's not supposed to be ironic like some ignoramus said up there. It's about stopping what's going on. I mean, we're supposed to be a democracy but what is a democracy with no freedom of thought or speech? The power of the pen is being killed. This ad says it all. Put an end to the death of truth. Well done.

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a brilliant idea. The real struggle for journalism here in the island nation is clearly and strongly depicted. Yes, they could have done it in an improved manner i may say...hats off

Charit Tissera
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