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Totally amazing, that is how most of the people of the world think of other parts of the world, especially americans, i am not generalizing, they are just ignorant regarding other countries' cultures, they think they are the only people who eat "junk" and drive "junk". and the funny part that everyone still believs that we live in tents and ride camels in the middle east! :)

I love this Ad!

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It's funny because it's true.

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Great work

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I wasn’t sure I liked being labeled “fat People” when I first read it. However it really changes in meaning when you apply perspective.
After having done a good bit of travel, I would say the fallacy I have come across most often about Americans is that we are unusually wealthy. Spoiled rich, over fed, over commercialized(that one is true) over capitalized. So in that context I can see how being fat is in some ways true. A “fat of the land” colloquial term.

The problem with America’s reputation to the rest of the world is that it comes from Hollywood and a media creation that doesn’t really exist. Normal American people(almost all of us) are a great deal like most all the other people in other countries. We care about Family, Education(most of us) a good job, a Car and a decent place to live. That’s really about it, the occasional Holiday is nice. But mostly we are going to work, paying bills and wishing we had as much as it appears to others we have. Hope I didn’t burst any bubbles.

The ad offers very broad generalizations, If you look you will see that the agency involved did take some good shots at some and were not so hard on others. I can think of some nasty generalizations of the countries that got a pass.

So bring it! That’s right I’m Phat.

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THis is awsome!Great ad!

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It's something that tickles a reader's curiosity and then draws him into reading further. In a world of split-second attention spans, it's an ad that captures a reader's attention for a whole minute and makes it worth his while. When was the last time you saw an ad that did that?

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extremely creative...............just rocking..........keep it up.

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witty....n....effective.....nice one...