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This campaign is cute. Nice art direction. Good use of typo. No real idea, but sometimes it's about the beauty of it. Vespa is more of a fashion statement anyway. Must be an older ad though because it's definitely not spring in Canada right now.

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best of the lot.

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Mtl Dave
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Yes, very nice. I'm sure it talks to the target.

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Is this a site about advertising or is it about design. This is nice design, but there is no idea. If it had an idea I would probably like it because it looks so cool.

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Dude. You like it or you don't. Whether it has an idea or not is besides the point in such ads.

Just like sometimes it doesn't make a difference if that hot-ass bimbo has brains.

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While Zulu has a point, namely that this series isn't very deep on concept, this series is pretty good. It's memorable and simple. A lot of advertising doesn't rely on heavy concept. The absolute ads were like that. Some Coke and Nike stuff is also like that.

It's still good work.

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MADE in the USA
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Six variations of a poorly executed theme.
Nice Art Work.

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I have to disagree with you. Having owned a vespa, i understand the feeling of the vespa, which is shown stronglyin the advertisement. the vespa is for a particular ecclectic crowd, and the butterfly simbolized freedom, just to get on your vespa and fly. As it may not appeal to you, this advertizement symbolizes the peice of mind and the free feeling the vespa gives you.

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Excellent Art Direction!


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Dios, cuantas mariposas. Linda direccion de arte pero la idea no existe.

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A3 art

really nice typo........

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hey, i was just passing through and wanted to comment on this. i work clientside and i disagree with many of you. there is an idea here. one that is very simple but effective in promoting the brand and what it stands for. I imagine the brief was "Vespa is a simple, beautifully stylish way to get around." I think the ads carry this through completely. They look good, they are simply executed, the viewer is not bombarded with a million messages and what animal can depict the concept of moving effortlessly and quckly about than a butterfly. try thinking what other animals they might have used and you'll see what i'm trying to say e.g. a Swan- nah, that's more of a rolls royce type thing...

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david said everything.
very nice campaign

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maybe they wanted to use butterfly as a unifying visual for the campaign and indicate spring?

If the brief is as you said, I don't think these ads hit it.

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Nice visual, great execution but no ideas at all. Juz a look good ad.

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Did anyone ever think that maybe you couldn't ride your vespa in the winter and thus maybe because spring is here, now you can? Just a thought.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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You should see my Vespa with snow chains on the tires. It looks so wicked!!

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good layout with cool thougt

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Think about it. You cannot ride a scooter in the rain. Therefore the concept is strong because it sells Summer. No butterfly in the rain only in the spring or the summer which is the best time to have a Vespa.

Great layout AND concept.