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MADE in the USA
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The idea is solid,
the execution a bit forced.

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There's something quite not right about this. While the intent may be not to place the models underwater as they would certainly become bait for great whites...

Oh never mind. I'm just overthinking. The ad works for me.

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The hooks are so obtrusive I don't take a second glance at the swimwear.

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Nice. A little hard to look at first but i like the idea that they are baiting guys.

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painfull... I can't even look at the clothes.

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Nice thought, bad idea.
Execution too forced. There should be a better way to do this.

: : mystique : :

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i dont see any relation between the beachwears and the executions: frankly, i thought that the girls were attractive without any particular reason..and more, where are the hooked boys?
(sorry for my english)

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OUCH!!! less is really more :)

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frou frou@adsof...
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you can not even look at the ad. How can it be attractive?

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god this is horrible... who in the right minds would be attracted by these ads... disgusting and degrading...