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the art work is pretty neat - and that's about it

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"the art director says: whatever I say"

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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wtf? talk about NO CONCEPT. Cmon guys, think before you post. Just because your client gave you a pat on the back with these ads doesn't necessarily make them good.

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sorry if I was a little hard back there btw.

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what's the concept behiend this ad. could anybody tell me

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looks like each ad uses a girl to represent the kind of food they serve. but mostly, it's pretty pictures with headlines.

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What? Like hotdogs and 2 pound burgers?. No thanks.

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nice burgers.

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Do they also have slot machines for headlines in Vegas?

And those cop glasses are some sort of 'introduction to 3D modelling'.

Lucky juniors. I bet they make a lot of money out of this crap.

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Oh yeah, please, let me become American! Love this site - only here i can discover that American food has become a "whole cuisine" that other countries should envy... ;-)

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It works for American audience but not for the rest of the world so that why you might not get the point.

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