Wireless music, 3

July 2007

Hello Wireless Music. Goodbye wires. Hello ROKR Z6 music phone. Manage your tunes easily with Windows Media Player. Transfer 30 songs a minute. With 2GB expandable memory. Add the ROKR S9 bluetooth headset for wireless hi-fi stereo sound. Say hello to a new way of listening. Hello Moto

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Beijing, China
Executive Creative Director: Nils Andersson
Creative Directors: Andrew Lok, Wilson Chow
Art Directors: Bo Deng, Feng Gao
Copywriters: Matthew Curry, Ning Chen
Photography: Dimitri Daniloff

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Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

Boring. This exaggeration is neither funny nor true. It's no clever idea to say "no something" by showing "much something" and write "goodbye something"

SCBA Steve's picture
SCBA Steve

agreed, forced lifestyle ad....yawn.

picturejockey's picture
Activity Score 658

The TV ad is still tolerable, this one doesn't really say anything.

lamz's picture
Activity Score 208

they are getting out of a cocoon or as if they are breaking out free from being wrapped in wires..
somehow the message is served on a silver plater..
it's clean, it sells, it's not bad..

Algareto's picture
Activity Score 216

How do you make your photographs to look like that? it a dodging and burning technique or is it something else?

Tincho's picture
Activity Score 1093

There´s not only Photoshop to make Ads Photography.

Before that you need location, an actor, make up, hair done, illumination, great camera and equipment, great photographer and technique, an assistant, and more...

THEN... software like Photoshop.

Algareto's picture
Activity Score 216

Ok but lets say after the pictures is taken in the do you work the image to give it that dramatic feeling?

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Activity Score 1634

Pay $$$ to Dimitri. He won't tell you but will show you.

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Activity Score 1634

The art direction & crafting can be improve. Since the consumer was so 'tied up' and has now break loose, there should be wire markings (like in bondage. *wink) on the body, so to exaggerate the break loose emotion of going wireless! My 2 barks worth of suggestion.

lava's picture

though its not a creative ad but then its simple for my mom to understand tht mobile fones are totally free from wires.. sometimes u should just follow the brief and make simple ads for the masses... too much creativity will kill u

puppiepoppy's picture
Activity Score 1634

Hmmn, your mom should deserve something well crafted. I mean, this campaign is not bad but can be better crafted. Further more, i didn't say these ads are creative ads, I just personally think it has more room to improve.

useless's picture

man even my underwear has got better campaigns on air...n all hail to those guys who use photoshop for campaignin... man u guys need viagra to keep working..take a break ...

have a diet coke instead