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Do you think placement of the plant near bird's beak is intentional?

ivan's picture

If it was a flower, I would say yes.

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hmm.. u guys have a point. kindda distracting having the plant there.
but the idea is sweet, puts a smile on my mind..

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Great one.

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ahmed ragheb
Activity Score 297

i like the idea

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OK ad for the HDTV.

Its not selling the National Geographic Channel for me though.

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Lewis Hamilton
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nice ad.

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Activity Score 102

Pleasing, but given the guy's fetish for zebras, shouldn't a zebra be on the TV.

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Activity Score 54

A word about art direction: I'm not sure if a wildlife photographer would have animal fur as carpets or a tortoise as an ornament. Nice ad though.

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I think they intentionally did that. A wildlife photographer does not necessarily care about wildlife, it's his/her job.

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This would have worked nicely for a TV Brand like Sony or Telefunken...real life sharp images...or something like that. I'm not sure if it does any justice to the NG Channel. I've seen some amazing ideas done for this channel...push some more...there's something in this idea, i just don't know what it is...

Now... inspire me!

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Ed Mintone
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My vote for ad of the day

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yeah this one is good. makes me want to try it out..

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I think it should be for TV or sth else

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The entire print ad would have been fine with just the tree and the bird. The zebra killer-man who is so stupid he would take a picture of something on the tv screen kills this ad.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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A page full of comments that like this ad and then the one above mine is the only angry/jealous one. Nothing in this ad kills it.

I also disagree and think that this is a pretty good ad for national geographic. The wildlife is so clear in HD that you could photograph it.

its got my vote

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"The wildlife is so clear in HD that you could photograph it." - That is not saying anything special about the National Geographic Channel though. It could have been "The sports action is so clear in HD that you could photograph it." or "The warfare is so clear in HD that you could photograph it." Its nothing to do with National Geographic channel really. But it is a good ad for HDTV.

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i love it, nice work

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Great idea - though the HD angle comes off more than National Geographic.

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

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