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March 2010


Print advertisment created by TBWA, Egypt for White Angel Foundation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

2.7 million children in Egypt don’t have a childhood.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Cairo, Egypt
Chief Creative Officer: Arindam Sengupta
Art Directors: Sameh George, Montasser Khalil
Copywriters: Sameh George
Producer: Mohamed Mamdouh
Assistant Producer: Amir Said

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its a good initiative and not a bad campaign. I just think the visuals do not convey the message strong enough. Its appealing only to an extent.

In my opinion any social message shouldn't just say that there is a problem with the society, but instead tell how we could make it better.

This ad lacks that. If there is anything that this campaign might achieve is that it would make the viewer feel sorry for those children and move on.

But on the whole a good start and nice thinking (but need to be more proactive).

Shubhra Aggarwal's picture
Shubhra Aggarwal
Activity Score 86

Agree with your second observation..though not so much with the 1st. If you were to look closer, you'd see the boy's hair is rally graying and he has a receding hairline too ..there are these several worry-lines on his forehead as well..not to mention the extremely harsh work conditions, which in the first place shouldn't be where a child is to be found sitting.. I think the visual does tug at the heart and brings out the relevant reality, well enough ..

Further, referring to your second point.. this might just be the first set of ads in an ongoing campaign, where the purpose might be just to spread awareness about: a) the situation and b) the White Angel Foundation the subsequent ads, they might build the campaign to what you have correctly pointed.

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although he is sitting he looks pretty wasted imo or washed away, exhausted
i don't think the aging details are effective here...

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Activity Score 59

The phone number's barely visible. Of course, the ad guys are more concerned about awards than with such minor details.

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shitmonk's picture
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"not to have a childhood"
nice copy
it's very hard to understand that he has grey hair
i don't think it's necessary to make them look older
photo & copy clearly tells us that they are made to start working at an early age, does it not?

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i agree that they shouldn't have made the children that old

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the image seems creepy (in a bad way)

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