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July 2007

Print advertisment created by TBWA, Malaysia for Whiskas, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: TBWA-ISC, Malaysia
Creative: Bas Moreu
Photographer: Character Studio

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Activity Score 1147

Sorry guys, but these are awful. Art director should really work hard on his skills...

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awful X 10, Bas must be from the 70's/80's

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Yea, there is something wrong in the way the body and the water blend together.

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I like these. IMO the art direction is supposed to be a bit rough in order to get this home camera effect. The idea is that the guy fished a huge pack of whiskas and got taken in picture to show off to his friends. It wouldn't have worked if it was a professional shoot, it has to look a bit amateurish to make it real. so this works for me.

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Corner Store
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I agree with Stigset, these ads are meant to look amateur. When you catch a fish you don't have a pro photographer along with you. These ads are great.

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I agree with you but that's not what's bad about these. Look at the whiskas pack and the hands. Looks really fake.

...and what's more, the ocean is way too dark considering it's sunny. See? It's taken from another picture and it's quite visible...

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no's just a horrible idea, that's all.

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Yaaaaaaawwwwwnnnn. Hunh? Oh. Zzzzzzzzzz.

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Corner Store
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I agree with 达芬奇 100%.

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Corner Store, I see your point about 表现的是什么呢 我英文不是很好. Just not 不过这里的作品都很不错 我是中国人.

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私はMAC にあるこのトランスレーターの事ことを考える大きい

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the execution is the least of the problems with this ad.

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It's a cat food ad. I've seen a ton of crappy cat food ads. With a bunch of stupid cats. I got this one immediately. It's not gonna win any awards. But it's for cat food. And I got the fact that this bag of vittles taste like fish. So nice job, guys. I'm sure the brief sucked. But you came up a with a new way to showcase the product and still communicate the benefit. And you did it without showing any stupid cats.

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Fur ball.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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all 3 ad is the same...pls save 1 enough..

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Alex.d 24

Don't like the ad. Such an overpromising. There's not much fish in cat food.

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Published: July 1991.

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Sweet as

what brief? he stole someones idea n did it up...
really really bad for a scam!Thank god he worked on it alone.
Take all the shit for himself and saved the other creatives from putting thier name in here. soo bad i dont think anyone would be happy to tell its thiers. maaaaan!!!! I really hope they fire the guy who did this after this ad.

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Heard about him too. No wonder everyone's leaving that place.

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No wonder almost all the TBWA creative come to my office interview. Now i know why!

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AD/CW: This is my new ideas.
ECD Bas: Not good, first box idea! !@#$%^&*....

After a year...

ECD Bas: This is my new ideas for Malaysia Kancil Awards 2007!
CEO: good idea, not bad! You're very creative, good art direction & impact copywriting!

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Michael E. Delaney

i heard this is second idea his stole fr AD/CW... so bad, happen in TBWA!
if my ECD is copycat, i will quit this agency!

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This is my imaginations...

ECD: Not help on execution & writing, you name is not there!
AD/CW: But... this is our idea.
ECD: so what! I'm boss!
AD/CW: Yes, boss! (be careful you ball)

CD/AD/CW, 4A's, agencies & photographer, take notes on this case!

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Christine E.

I have to say that this doesn't now even have THE slightest impact. It is simply too simple for an ECD to come up with this. It's pathetic. No wonder everyone is leaving or already left TBWA, so I've heard.

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E.W. Huang

WAW. Kancil Awards Gold. D&AD Black Pen. Adfest Gold. Spike Gold. One Show Gold Pecil. Clio Gold. Cannes Lion Gold.

WAW. Next year best agency in Malaysia is TBWA\MALAYSIA.