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Very, very nice. I'm just not sure if I already saw this before.

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your probably thinking of the "FCB Barcelona Foundation / Unicef: One" ad that appeared here a few days ago..

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There went up in London a while back, that's why it might seem familiar.

They certainly made me stop and look when I first saw them placed at various London Underground stations.

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Maybe I saw it on the Luerzer's homepage. However, absolutely fantastic work.

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great idea- the old photography looks a bit ropey. All said and done I think this is one we'll be seeing in a few award books in the coming months.

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First thought.

Won't win anything.

Bad ads just win when they are made by good agencies. ha ha.

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Makes you look but not bother. Have to agree with Chuck there. First idea popped up and the client loved it.

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as an ad guy, we see an ad as a piece of work n only concentrate on how it can be made better
to wow us, but the common man sees it differently, n that way these ads ceratinly pass on the
message effectively.

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i kind of did the exact same thing for the One Show College Competition last year.

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wgeddes, you are right, thanks to visual driven advertising these days the students are sometimes doing better work then seasoned advertising professionals. i do not know what that means for the industry but we need to come up with better ideas.

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all kidos here..................such a bore and old school idea.....

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Thanks to everyone for your comments and critiques on my ads.
It has been really useful to get a reality check.
You're right, I should spend more time with the layout pad, and less time with the wacom Tablet.
Many thanks......

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The messages's clear, great job!

There's another ad in Malaysia picture a mother carrying a baby, sitting
in a playground full with rubbish.

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[not interested]

This kind of reminds me of London in the Wall-E universe... too much trash. Still, a clever message urging people to sort their trash wisely. Excellent adv!

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bad typography and a very literal message