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Nice composition, typo and idea. Bravo.

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very good compo.

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mammals rule!!!

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Nice. I wonder how many people know that whales are mammals, or associate them with drinking milk?

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anyone with a brain knows whales are mammals.

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anyone with a brain know whales doesn't drink milk

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Anyone "with a brain" would know that mammals nurse their young, that whales are mammals and therefore whales nurse their young. Most people would also do a little research before making themselves look foolish. Here's a link to get you started on your research.

That said, when I looked at this ad I didn't immediately make the connection to the whale being a mammal even though I knew they were. It's a great ad conceptually but I'm a little hesitant to guess as to what kind of response they'd get from a typical consumer who may not have the same commitment to "thinking it out".

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Blessilda Mok
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I'd like to see the work of all the bashers in this thread.

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I'd like to see someone who disagrees with criticism come up with a better response than that to defend what they like about it. If you took this ad to the local hot dog street vendor and asked for his opinion and he said he didn't understand it, would you reply with "well you can't do any better" and assume it's a top notch idea? That's pretty stupid.

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actually wen i first saw this ad, i was not able to associate with that till i read the comments .

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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smart, smart, and smart!

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got to love the grin on the whale's face and the (naturally) drooping corners of the fish mouths.
i agree with yokel, though, not many will associate the whale with drinking milk.

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This is just FUCKING SMART. GREAT! Nothing else to say.

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Shouldn't it be "Milk drinkers grow longer"? Fish have no height, neither do mammalian water dwellers.

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Or maybe "Milk drinkers grow bigger". So it can relate to whales and humans. Don't know.

The original was probably in Portuguese, so maybe that's why it reads a bit awkward.

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Milk drinkers also dive deeper, migrate further, grow waaay fatter
and get harpooned for scientific research more often. ;D

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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They also run in the forest and find unicorns to ride.
How are you darling? Jolly good to see you!

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so whales drink milk now?

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Hmmm. Yeah, okay.
But, possibily a bit of a logical stretch, even for the tertiary educated?
Which begs the logical question... what does whale milk tastes like? ;?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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a bit fishy.

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and dodgy

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Exactly smarrrrt ad .

-Where is the impossible?

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It makes no difference if whales drink milk or people have brains, this is an obvious get. But in a good way - I like it.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I bet the dolphins are all crabby sitting in the corner of the room saying "Yeah, but what about us then? Cows!!"

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dolphins are above such things. they're way too long-headed to be crabby.

now i'm going to search youtube for "whale teattime", this ad made me curious...

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Que buen aviso...felicitaciones...

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u mean plankton eaters grow faster?

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nice thought but mr. talented is right. whales are no milk drinkers, they are mammals. and most mammals are very small. since that an ad, that wants to be smart, it's not

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i used to think for a very long time that i do have a brain ... but this is the first time i know that the whale is a mammal .... so maybe they needed to add this fact to the ad .. and i would suggest this copyright(( the wahle is a mammal .. u stupid no brain ignorant uneducated fool ))

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hmmm... so strange that people like to comment without doing any research, yet they think they are right to dismiss other's idea just like that.

whales is milk drinker according to wiki, type whales and look into behavior section.

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You shouldn't criticize people for not doing any research when you weren't diligent enough to read the comments - where many people clearly stated the mammal connection.

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great idea!
but that shit is so clustered with multi bright, dull, and monotonous colors that i found it a bit difficult seeing the milk cup, sponsor brand and copy. thought they were some little my take is that a few fish of different sizes would have done it.

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it's really a good concept
and good composition, but the thing is that i dont wanna do a research to get an Ad's weakness