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April 2010

Print advertisment created by Grey, Vietnam for Westcoast International Dental Clinic, within the category: Professional Services.

Westcoast Dental Clinic
Specialized care for sensitive teeth.

Advertising Agency: Grey Group, Vietnam
Creative Directors: George Vargas, Rajib Gupta
Art Director / Copywriter: Rajib Gupta
Illustrators: Linh Pham, Arnuphap Wimonchayanurak (Day), Anh Tuan Tran Nguyen
Photographer: Dusit Phongkraphan (Otto)
Additional credits: Chamlong Intarach (Banana) / Professional Image

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good time good job

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Activity Score 105

Both are Creapy....but effective i guess...good job

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Activity Score 1866

I'm missing the "sensitive teeth" thing here. This could be done for ANY dental clinic, not only those who specialize in sensitive teeth - and for that matter it is quite effective.

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Activity Score 1866

Also, what's with the background? Is it dust, or smoke, or what? And why?

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wow, they made that sucker look evil as all hell! nice!

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sensitive teeth and candy? why?
terror and dental clinic? no....

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Activity Score 2

simple but cool

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Activity Score 32890

Uncomfortable rectangle but nice execution.

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Marlus Lau
Activity Score 1808

Wow...very cool indeed! Good job!

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Activity Score 425

Gets the message across...

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NOOOOOOOH! i thought it was actual flesh! Grosssssssss!!! i thought it was some kind of cannibal thing in which the teeth of the skull are just gone or something and it was somehow burnt alive and the teeth were the first to go, i dont know!!!! Too creepy??!!!!!!

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Activity Score 279

Agreed. My first reaction was bloody gums mutilated by a dentist's drill.

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Activity Score 13557

I agree this is totally gross as well as creepy. It's even mildly disturbing. When I look at that image, I think of pain (number one reason people hate to go to the dentist).

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Activity Score 1423

My head's spinning. @_@ It gives me the idea of horror in the clinic.. or that this ad's an anti-sweets campaign.

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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Activity Score 75

The TG's reaction would be to flip the page as soon as they see this.

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Again, I live in Vietnam and have NEVER, EVER seen this ad.

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Dear other guest,
Does every ad in vietnam has to be seen by you? Do you work for Vietnam's ad censor board? I don't see every ad that comes out of my country, does that make it less legit? I think this is an interesting ad and I don't really care if you have NEVER EVER seen it.

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Obviously, you're a friend of one of the creatives. And it's not an interesting ad, honestly, it's pretty bad. And no, I don't live in Vietnam.

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children would be more afraid of going to the dentist. but all in all i like it.

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basically feeds my dentist phobia, it's pretty clear that sweets will ruin your teeth no need to advertise this as a dental clinic... you want people to go to the clinic not turn them off by triggering memories of fear and pain -.-;

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good time good job