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A smart copy add. Basic but nice.

"Everyday is one short life"

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oui, justement, basique: très peu d'information sont inluses: on a besoin de toi! c'est pas suffisant pour etre efficace je trouve

yes, exactly, basic: very few informations are included: we need you! not sufficient to be efficient, i think
new, young & hungry

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it is quite funny.
i was once saw a young boy wearing a t-shirt with f_ck in the front,
and the back wrote "all i need is u"
and i was "what?"
anyway this ads is quite good.
no one used this in ads before.

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oh yeah, we need u, but not you.

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u are right !

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but, it work's in India's lenguague?
Indian's speek in english??

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that's their official language in case u dunno

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OMG! this is high school advertising!! It's like "there's no success without 'u'".

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Sunday school advertising. C H_ _ C H. What's missing? Urgh!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Andreas TM
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It's be nicer if the company didn't have a fourth letter already. Like _BBH. They should want somebody good enough, dedicated enough to become a partner...