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good idea, terrible execution

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This goes with the whole "terrible execution" comment above, but look at the water... You'd see the soldier's, wouldn't you?

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Good eye. Yes, you would have to see the relection of the one soldier by the slide. The tops of the trees look strange also, too straight of an edge for any organic form.

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There's no reflection of the diving board either...

White Space
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...or the helicopter and smoke. Its obvious, its a bad photo job but a good idea

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this is fun, now let's see what else they missed out... From the look of the soldier in the foreground, the light seems to come from the right, now check out the soldier's shadow on the right... ahhh, i get it now, in 2025 there'll be more than one sun.

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It uses as something these commentaries, probably I do not deal very much English, but it seems to me that the critiques are not reelevantes for anything for whom the tree matters??

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Poor choice of font (looks like system fonts to me) and the incorrect font for Take a look at the site and you'll see for yourself.

This is a scam ad at its worst and a Mac'd-up scamp at best. But, that doesn't mean it's not a good idea, just badly executed.

As others have pointed out problems, here's some more: I love the use of the asterisk to point out that the statistic is from the UN, but there is no asterisk anywhere else on the ad!

Let's not get on to the fact that the slide and the metal bars are pristine while the water is dirty.

It's a bit like Christmas songs in the office - seems like a good idea at the time, but in the cold light of day it's a sh*t one. Maybe that's just Christmas songs in the office.

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this should have been posted in the forums page

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this is a great combination of picture and words. however, i am sadend by the size of the bool these soldiers are forced to party at. only 3 friends at a pool party. what a joke! we can clearly see the the soldier on the bottom left calling the construction company with a request to enlarge the pool so he can invite more friends. no wonder they have no girls at the party. the ladies dont like middle classmen with a small you know what.

i do not understand how all you people cant see that in this work of greatness. this advertisement has made me feel sad. not many do.

fight the lower classes my people. be rich and wealthy and finacially self assured and hung like a rich man and rich and richer than your mama's bich

John Huerbert II
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Are you still around John Hubert? You're not funny. You add nothing to these discussions.

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this is wrong, should have fight for fresh water sources, not ANY water.
swimming pool is not a water source btw... not to say fresh

where is the idea? soldier at pool side means fight for water?
it may just be they are guarding a bungalow that happen to have a pool
the link is too force here, for me i won't buy it.

and if by 2025 the military still using that chopper and these machine gun,
they are really beyond hope already :P

and yet from a viewpoint of target audient, i will say... so what?
humanbeing can invent so many advance killing machine
but not a good salt water treating device by 2025, what else can we do?

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criticize is way easier than create. use more brain.

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Fifthbullet, I love your comments. They remind me of Gareth from The Office where he starts out talking about office politics and ends up talking about the differences between poisons obtained from tree frogs.

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hahaha... i just can't help when i see the details in this ad... i do notice that when i post :)

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criticize is way easier than create. use more brain.

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I don't think the TA will care if there is reflection or not. As a Creative I could not spot all those things that you mention as I generally give ads their 2 secs. However if the ad was totally execution based I would look for details. On first look it does look good, but quite unbeliveable that in less then 20 years we will be fighting for water.

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I agree with you. At first sight looks good and "normal" people wouldn´t see all those wrong things. But it´s a cool idea.

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I'm still asking myself why did i spend so much time on this ad. I honestly thought i was being "slow" and probably missing the big idea. Reading all the comments above got me even more confused. But the truth is, there is an idea in this ad. Just not big. I forgive myself.

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No idea's too bad...

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I don't know if I'm irritated more by the ad or the name of the agency that produced it...

Three drunk monkeys... seriously. Could you scream 'we're a bunch of crazy do-what-the-fuck-we-want ad guys' any louder?

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You seem happy enough screaming that you're a tool pretty loud so I think you're both even.


Disco Munky
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Doin' it for the points

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I like this even though doomsdayers get on my nerves. The concept of bringing the unthinkable to a domestic level, better invest in pool cleaner and weapons now.
The soldier is really saying, "Bring the Margarita mix and dancing girls we got us a good old fashion pool party, booooyah!"

Anyway isnt the the world going to be flooded by 2025, and will all those $50m helicopters be flying on fresh air?

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== Bring back fags, lard and the biff.

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First of all, the average consumer spend less than 4 seconds looking at an ad before flipping the page. the concept here is really good. I don't feel it's forced in any way. The average person would never see any of those inconsistencies discussed here. Let's not forget that it's RARE that a client allows the luxury of time for a flawless execution. MOST of the time it's RUSH RUSH RUSH!!!

MY only observation is that the main idea (the headline) has been buried. The entire "dark area" of the trees could have been used, with that knocked out type, as a staging area for a much larger headline. I wouldn't turn this over to CA for the "best of" edition without some polishing, but for a PSA ad/poster it's pretty good.

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Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainties.

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GUd 1....

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