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Look everyone, someone used one of those COOL 3D programs.. now THATS advertising. This is one of the most powerful and on point messages an ad has ever shown me... my GOD, how can you get any better than.. well... PERFECTION??? I must sit down and take in what I have just seen in this ad... ..... ..... ..... Yep... ok, my senses are coming back to me.... hang on, here it comes...... BLARRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH... .RAAAALLLLLPPPPHHHHHHH!!!!!! OK... yeah, this sucks.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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ha ha

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andrej dwin
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there might be little in terms of a novel idea there, but I'd prefer this - simple idea, perfect art direction - to a lot of crap that you get normally.
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bin Ad'en

this calls "tool". a way to produce an ad. you can use photography, ilustration, 3d program, all-type or just cry, like you.

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I like it ... because it is so "in your face" ...