Washable, 2

March 2007

Stop fighting against stain. New Protecto High Standard Washable: everything happening on your walls can be cleaned up.

Advertising Agency: TRIBU / Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi, San José, Costa Rica
Creative Directors: Francisco Terán, Marcelo Furrer
Art Director: Joaquin Brenes
Copywriter: Paula Guevara
Illustrator: Alejandro Lazo
Photographer: Arturo Lopez

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Activity Score 1953


i see stubborn stains!

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Activity Score 2171

the stool and that death tree in the vase stole the focus from what you're trying to communicate. if you wanna convey stubborn stains, the lighting shouldn't be this solf and dreamy. and the perspective doesn't have to be this dramatic. nothing outstanding, sorry.

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Activity Score 3647

I can agree that it is a little over-art-directed, but MT, a little surly aren't we?

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Activity Score 1142

Your comment is inspiring :).
This ad is cute, but the emotion is not enough.

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Activity Score 2171

thanks. i've always tried to give constructive and corrective comments. but that's only from my perspective.

glad to hear that my comments inpired you. keep seeing more ads and references. and always keep your eyes and heart open.

cheers! ;-)

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Activity Score 334

Not surprising at all…

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Dick Huges
Activity Score 937


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drunk dave
Activity Score 1066

I think Costa Rico is showing great thinking. I'm not particularly fond of the art direction (or long tedious copy), but great way to get the message across.

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Activity Score 1031

it's cute.

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Activity Score 2592

reminds me of this ad with a little girl watering a floral patterned wallpaper

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No fixed abode
Activity Score 380

I hate visual puns. Stop fighting against stains. Turn the metaphorical into a literal. Run of the mill.

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Activity Score 6080

Silly proposition to start with. All down hill from here.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Activity Score 60

great that this campaign doesn't feature 3 different executions of people fighting against stains...

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me thinks
Activity Score 722

Precise and perfect. Love it.

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Activity Score 57

I hate it when the copy tells me exactly what I'm seeing.

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Activity Score 14

i like the woman...

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Activity Score 951

haha, i was going the say the same thing.

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Activity Score 4

its Ok, But not Much better