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i think it is funny

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PaulyG_fill in ...
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Ha, funny and weird. I'd like to see more of these, done with different animals.

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Modal Writer
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just damn clever, it's got some legs that need to be stretched.

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quite original. well done!

reminds me;

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'ello gorgeous, blink blink...

I'm a sucker for kitties! Love this ad!

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Wow, really cute.

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GREAT. great art direction, but i would like if 4 of them all looking at us in a greedy look, the 4th guy is looking the other place.

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first idea! seen the concept before, formula! but the execution is really good!

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i wonder where they got that idea from.. hrmmm...
oh... yea.

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oh yeah!
this really works!!
clap, clap.

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i agree with most of the previous comments,,,however, the way they manipulated the cats heads to look more 'block-ish' to match that of the owl takes away from this in my view..especially that guy on the left.

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totally. the little guy on the left looks terrible... like an ewok! the other cats are like that normally though, I'm pretty sure it's part of their breed.

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oh. thanks for clearin that up for me!

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irresistible even to ewoks hmm?
i think this ad's ok, but why an owl? to me an owl symbolises night, i was wondering if there was a night reference.
ok, they just needed an animal that resembles these cats.

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Owls often eat kittens. That's why it's an owl. It's willing to eat the cat food instead of the cats.

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not bad.

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ewok. hahahahahaha......hahahahahahhahahahaha

these cats look like stuffed animals. it's kinda weird.

but it is f###ing hilarious!


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I really love it

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This is not a new idea, and the retouching & lighting is shocking.

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Shockingly good ?? or not ??

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whatever your comments about the produciton of this print can't change my mind. this is pretty funny hahhaa :) And I think this is a good one :)

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marcos quinteiro
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nice one...the owl really looks like a cat...tchers

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or maybe the cats look like owls?

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Excellent photography! I love th expressions of these animals, very attractive :)