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September 2009

Print advertisment created by DDB, United Kingdom for Volkswagen, within the category: Automotive.

Longer between fill ups. Golf BlueMotion.
BlueMotion saves you fuel in lots of ways. A Start/Stop system turns your engine off when not needed, regenerative braking stores energy when you brake and longer gear ratios increase economy. All together they mean fewer visits to the petrol station and an impressive 107g/km CO2.

Advertising Agency: DDB London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Jeremy Craigen
Art Director: Rob Messeter
Photographer: David Harriman
Copywriter: Mike Crowe

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Confusing.....anybody help?

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Apparently he has pulled into the petrol station not for fuel( as one would expect), but to pick up charcoal for bbq.


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I guess it's because he will not have an opportunity to be at the petrol station till summer (bbq season).

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I got the idea right away, but then I recognised the weather from the Swedish BBQ season... ;)

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could have been much better. the headline is confusing.

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little bit too subtle. c'm on guys, summer's over.

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I think a lot of people buy their charcoal at the petrolstation and if you don't you recognize the big sacks near the door. A clear ad, not too subtle. Not too bright either; 7/10.

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Way too subtle.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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He's headed towards a region where it's sunny enough to do an outdoor BBQ and the only way to get that far is with a VW.

Woah, that took my Havard Masters degree to decipher. This must have been a creative Directors Idea as a junior creative guy would have been fried before he could totally have explained this concept.

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