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i had exactly the same idea today! strange :S

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hahaha yeah right! XD

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Damn, I woke up too early today, It's 1998 again!

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Jarne von Wolfsburg
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Euro RSCG does VW? hugh???

It´s really simple, but nothing beats the DDB work on this client.

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It´s ok but It`s rare at the same time, because I`ve seen the VW Corporate identity manual, and its say thta it´s impossible turn the logo or modify it. So, in this case VW would be permissive with Euro Rscg???

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Can't agree more! I've also have the pleasure of working on VW ads before and it's clearly stated that no mucking around is possible on their logo!

I doubt this is a real ad anyway, because EURO RSCG don't work on VW account in China. I thought they work on Peugeot?!!

Can this CD get himself fired? Hmmmn....

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what a piece or arse...tired of this crap, same with india...they do so much hack work...

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deberia existir una categoria para este recurso

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Bit clunky. Maybe if the logo was made up of the same partially overlapping metallic arrows stacked like the logo.

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One of the many graphic visual feast I see all the time on this site.

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i have seen this ad before (citroen)

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Déjà Vu... Citroen ;)

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Richard C

No. This is just WRONG on SO many levels ...

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>>>>>>>>>> my car :-D

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Moises Cho

to0 retro style creativity.

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Disco Munky
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It looks decent enough, but it's left me with an unfulfilled yearning to be impressed.

Take away the shot of the car. It's not doing anything.

white text on black in corner, no banner at bottom.

Doesn't make it great, but maybe slightly less 80's

but that's just me.

Doin' it for the points

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Where can I find the VW Corporate identity manual?



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Playing the logo is admitted here.

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Whats with the CI? I dont think this is an official ad.