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September 2007
Vermox Print Ad -  Strawberry


Print advertisement created by McCann, Mexico for Vermox, within the category: House, Garden.


Wipes out and eliminates bacteria.

Advertising Agency: McCann World Group, México City, Mexico
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Cortés, Liliam Córdoba
Art Directors: Alejandro Cisneros Ibarra
Copywriter: Alejandro Cisneros Ibarra
Photographer: Arnaus & Vilchis Productions
Group Director: Rebeca Marín Rangel
Producer of Photography: Claudia Estrada Luna
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Prof's picture


I like it.

Activity Score 1449
Copywriter |

Quite really.

BFB's picture

Forced. It's also not showing me how the bacteria is being wiped out, jsut that it's there.

Activity Score 936
Dozer's picture

i agree, although i like the idea,but it seems the bacteria stills there, so, where is the benefit? eliminate almost all bacteria, i think it would be better if the house has the door open or something liket that XD

Activity Score 149
Marcela Cáceres's picture

Thought it was gonna be a good ad... From far the strawberry looked great...

Marcela Cáceres
Activity Score 108
fauxjebus's picture

Good idea, weak execution.

Activity Score 498
Art Director at WAX
nemesis's picture

This is wrong.

You're saying it wipes out and eliminate bacteria, but instead we're looking at a house of bacteria. The house should've been demolished or something.

Either that or use a different copy.

Activity Score 765
Creative Director
vwray81's picture

Well... if it wipes out and eliminates bacteria, than why does it look like bacteria is nice and cozy in their little house in the strawberry?

Activity Score 256
Art Director
David Hasselblad's picture

Exactly. The house should have been wiped out or different copy.

And I don't know about the spanish, but wipes out AND eliminates bacteria? How does that work? Does it wipe them out first and eliminate them later? Or the other way around?

David Hasselblad
Activity Score 120
sparky's picture

dont understand. seems to follow a trend of 'dont let them move in.....dont let them colonise' seen it

Activity Score 454
Copywriter at M&C Saatchi
Mai_Maged's picture

something missing

Activity Score 123
Creative junior in ( Inhouse) Marketing communication agency |

Creativity is simplicity

VioletYoshi's picture

I think I get it. They're making a joke off the phrase "housing bacteria", like if your mouth is housing bacteria, the strawberry moves it into a new home and takes it with it.

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