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Fera Groove
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I liked.

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Haha very funny. Love it very much!


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what an overloaded packaging

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great idea. personally - i'd prefer better photo treatment, but it's still ok.

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ilan nachmias
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absolutely love it

Don Draper

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So simple, yet so effective. Great work.

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excellent concept ! would have like to see a copy with a little girl too

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Have a feeling this Cannes do it next year.

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Very simple. Not bad. Shows the lengths kids will go for candy. And a benefit for the parent, who will buy the candy. I just wonder, there's so many product placements, like Batman or even a couple from Toy Story and others. Does that diminish the Ad? Is it bad art direction on a great/simple idea? Or is it acceptable? Even good?

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I think it makes the image more realistic, it's not usual for a little kid nowadays not to have this kind of toys in his room. I like that, it provides yet another insight for the consumer. Plus, it puts the right toys: boys love the simpsons, ben 10, power rangers. It's accurate.

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Nike Diesel
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Excellent work. Funny and true insight. Lovin' it!

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Lol. Nice one. That boy's facial expression just adds to the whole concept. And now i want some Vauquita myself...

who cares? ima play some tunes instead

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I couldn't get it at first sight...

life is either, a daring adventure or nothing

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i don't get it. what does this ad mean?

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cant believe this got silver :/

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i got it the second i saw the product. i think it's clear and works well.

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Clever idea :)

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Loved this one.