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Boring and predictable.

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Ur kidding, right? This is fcking genius.

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Ney Frances
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making jokes with your lines is boring and predictable !

is there life before death?

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Van Gogh was a genius.

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Making jokes with your comments is boring and predictable.

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hate it. Too obvious. Could as easy use Kurt Cobain, same sh*t, too easy

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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The campaign is less serius than the sickness.

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nice and relevant approach.

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Have Heart
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Ads for anti-schizophrinia pills???!?!???????!???!

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad.

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schizophrenia is a sickness as much as any other sickness. if you can do anti-flu medication ads why can't you do anti-schizophrenia ads????

your attitude is a big problem for menatlly ill people. they should be treated like everyone else. i mean like a patient sick with anything else.

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those kind of ads may offend people really suffering from this desease

besides that its just bad...

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More to the point and I agree it is in bad taste to joke about such a condition, historically it's not clear that Vincent did in fact suffer from this particular form of mental disease. Even so I think this is a very cheap and poor excecution for a product that should be more seriously dealt with.

A creative genius in the hands of creative morons.


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I disagree. I think that schizophrenia is still a taboo-theme which is wrong.
The ads help to normalize the way the society looks at mentally ill persons.

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i agree w/you salamandos!!!!

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Seems to be a scam again. Or really in Finland it is allowed / necessary to promote schizophrenia pills? The voices in my brain say probably not.

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Disco Munky
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This is possibly the most awful thing I've seen, or the saddest. I can't decide

Doin' it for the points

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Dick Huges
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An ad that show Van Gogh with his ear intact??? CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are the #267 team that do an ad with Van Gogh's ear intact! You win 6 internets!

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Simply love your comments and your awards. I second that.

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let's start up our own awards show. It can be called The Lame-O's. "Dude, congrats! I heard you took home three Crappy's from this year's Lame-O Awards!"

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joke with my fav artist? no. he is a genius.

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I love Van Gogh. I didn't think he was schizoprenic...I thought he was just paranoid. That's far from being a schizo.

Anyway...I think this ad is terrible.

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toooooooooo boarrrrrri

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boring ad

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Hey!! you don´t know nothing, Van Gogh was bipolar is the same medication is not just for Schizophrenia
Is also for bipolar. I´m taking 120mg per day of Zeldox i´m bipolar. Check in wikipedia don´t put in risk the database of wikipedia and be informed of what your favourite artist was, and what explain the genius manner of a bipolar.
and this