Up _ _ _ _ creek

October 2007
 Up _ _ _ _ creek



Where would the world be without Scouts?
Kids learn life lessons when kids are Scouts. Kids are active when kids are Scouts.

Advertising Agency: FLY Agency/RBW Group, Toronto, Canada
Creative Directors: Mike Welsh, Gavin Barrett
Art Director: Marco Marino
Copywriter: Ted Byun
Photographer: Chris Gordaneer
Production: Ravi Chandran
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iT-iS-i's picture

Go home...

Who turned the world upside down?

Activity Score 1721
Copywriter |

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

CreepingFeature's picture

Shouldn't it be up a creek without a paddle? Take the oars off the boats.

Activity Score 244
Copywriter at 7th Level of Consciousness
Jon-Paul Mountford's picture

Dunno about the ideas.
But this is sweet photography, best of the three.

Jon-Paul Mountford
Activity Score 890
Photographer |

scarfinati's picture

i hate where that line of body copy sits.

Activity Score 843
Art Director
kergu's picture

qq two thumbs down! this look cold and lonly!

Activity Score 6795
Mr.Top's picture

this campign just simply SUCKS.

Activity Score 728
panasit's picture

I always ask myself where would a world be without an anti gay organization teaching kids life lessons.

That said, the old lady ad was probably the only one that works. This one doesn't really do anything.

Activity Score 687

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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