Pinata, 4

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March 2010

Print advertisment created by Pluton, Uruguay for Uniform, within the category: Fashion.

Fucking Winter

Advertising Agency: Plutón, Montevideo, Uruguay
Creative Directors: Silvio Maldonado
Art Directors: Silvio Maldonado
Copywriters: Pablo Medina
Photographer: Love

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ignitionspark's picture
Activity Score 212

Can anyone explain?

withouts's picture
Activity Score 36

It's fashion.


H. Fernández's picture
H. Fernández
Activity Score 192

Me gustas invierno.

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I think this is an explanation: In Uruguay and all South America, autumn/winter is between march and september and it's the time when people go to University/school, use medications, get a cold, and knit sweaters... Most of latin american people hate this part of the year because we're used to hot weather, going to the beach and have sun bathes... and we've got "sangre caliente" as you all know... So, that's why: "Fucking Invierno", 'cause we usually hate it!! then, they broke the piñata with things representing winter....... Is a very local ad, but I think is quite OK....

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i took this explanation as sarcastic so i enjoyed it.

dreadboy's picture
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I can't quite relate the dude's expression, but it`s quite nice he has teeth as ugly as I do :)). Nevertheless, the ad doesn't quite speak to me.

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i can't even spell my name without 'ad'

mikeelrapido's picture
Activity Score 1929

Crazy ad for crazy people.


Marlus Lau's picture
Marlus Lau
Activity Score 1808

I like it...good picture, interesting insight.

F.Abboud's picture
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Can we use such word in an Ad?

nspad's picture
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Fuck yes! But why you'd fucking want to is another fucking question.


nspad's picture
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Fuck yes! But why you'd fucking want to is another fucking question.


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Tommy G.
Activity Score 897

funny ad

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Activity Score 253

what kind of ad is this yaar? visual may look interesting but copy fucks

- @mbi

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I think this is a different approach. Interesting. Funny. Fresh.

J Designer's picture
J Designer
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lol! love it. this is just how i feel about winter. Nice work