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January 2009

Print advertisment created by Reichl und Partner, Austria for UNHCR, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

You never flee voluntarily.
Nobody chooses to give up everything, to leave their home to go on a long and dangerous journey in order to seek asylum in a foreign land. That decision has been made for them – by others.

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daniel ieraci
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Hmm, I understand what they're trying to say but I'm pretty sure that most people would voluntarily flee from a burning house. The line just seems a bit off to me.

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don't like the tag either, but like the line the idea is there -- copy just needs work.

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simple. you dont need the headline.

visual is a house made of burnt matces.

the tag needs to be re written to put the visual in context. would be a much better ad.

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You dont need the headline.

Visual is a house made of burnt matces.

The tag needs to be re written to put the visual in context.

Thats all. Would be a much better ad.

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The ad was likely translated.

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i guess it would have made more sense if someone was lighting the house... and the MOM + KID matchsticks were NOT burnt... anyways, the copy is spoiling the neat visual

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Nice, but I think it works better as a fire safety advert, that's what I thought it was about originally

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nice work

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don't hear at them – great job for asylum