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nice work

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very good. winner

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It comes just like that!

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I dont know Cannes, but it´s a good piece.

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Lecter Lecaros
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done done done

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Ad Junkie At Large
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ya seriously dude, i know it makes you sound smart by saying how it's been done but give us a link or at least tell us how it's been done before.

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Excellent lighting. Great idea if you run out of soap.

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Please Cartman show us the "done donde done"

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I can't prove it but i know it's done.
I've seen this somewhere else time ago,
maybe is the same one.
Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

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It seems like an idea that someone must have thought of already... but until someone can prove it, this is awesome.

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The highlight looks little odd.

Good one

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really now? how would you know? the condom is fine by me. the work is also good

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Frank Zhao
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great wrk

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Prakash Jayasha...
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..good work


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and cannes material...

| everartz |

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Excellent lighting.
Great idea

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im the only one that thinks that a bubble bursts when you touch it? i get the feeling that this condoms are going to break if i use them.

im sorry, but i cant like something that gives me a negative image of the product.

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I agree.
chinese guys above seemed to think so too.

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you're exagerating juliangray
this is just a very nice, attractive and very clear way to say it's thin
i like it

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im sorry but i cant exagerate a feeling. A thought can be overdone. But certainly not the sensation of insecureness that this ad gave me.

Dont get me wrong its a good idea, but there is some problems towards what i said. Ultra Thin condoms, have to provide the "as wearing nothing" message without compromising their safety. This ad does the first admirably well but fails in the second.

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Valid point.

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Great work, well done.

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Nice exaggeration. Maybe cannes… maybe not.


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I agree with Cartman, this has been done. There is a campaing of girls blowing up bubbles that looks like condoms. I'm sure of it, I don't have the time to search for them, but maybe somebody remember the brand and could post it.

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Yes, i remember that campaign, it was out a few years ago. It won something, maybe New York Festivals or Epica, can't remember, but it definitely exists, the very same idea, just with a model blowing into the bubble maker. even the copy was exactly the same, word by word.

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is leonardisimo talking about the campaign that was published here a few days ago?... it's on page 5 now. it's the girls blowing the condom like chewing gum. BUT... that was also a "remake" of the TV ad from argentina (the link is there too).
the one you're saying is exactly bubbles, right?... i don't remember but i believe you.
if it's done, too bad, cause i think it's a grrrrreat piece.

B U T...

i have to say juliangray has a point with the bubble bursting thing... he likes the ad but it gave him a sense of not being protected... which is not good for a product.

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i agree, it's a great idea, but unfortunately it's been done, exactly the same, even the copy (not the one with the chewing gum bubbles, one with a bubble maker just like this one). i have it in some annual, will look for it and post it for ya.

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m í t i c o
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This idea has already been used for several years ago

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verty good concept, but, makes me feel scare about my healt :)

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Personally, I like the "fingerprint" ad better.
I like the simplicity and the playfulness of this piece, but the other one felt more convincing in its message. It was more a product demo piece, whereas this is just a visual metaphor...

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publicidad reciclada ¬¬
ya habia visto uno asi de durex hace un par de años mas o menos...

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Sweet. I love it. Hope it hasn't been done before!

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Excellent idea, i like a lot. but the black background make it too serious for the concept (a bubble maker is fun) think about it.

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Yep, seen that. This one Golden Drum 2007.

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I don't like condoms. I don't use condoms.

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Good job

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clear and precise... great imaging as well.


Because great designs need no further explanation.

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STUNNING, great work!

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hey man
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it's been done! and it's been done better, for Trojan condoms.
shortlisted in Cannes even.

sorry folks

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tell this to the jurry of Golden Drum , they gave Grand Prix for this ad.

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I like... good way to show the point. con grates