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I was so waiting when will the first ad come out with 9/11 imagery. It's a senstive issue, but time heals everything.

I remember doing an illustration for an article and wondering if people will slam me for it.

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this is great. good work and good art direction

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Impressively art directed. I'm also amazed that such a simple line would and visual would hit such a key. With that said, this ad could have been done with avoiding the twin towers. Just the thought of the cicuit as a city is great.

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Nice idea! I like it the fact it struck you most ads should and not cliche. Such an idea is well thought of and give immediate awareness to consumer. Lovely!!!

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no this one actually is not in poor taste. The lego ads, and that korean mp3 player were in poor taste. This one actually i think is tastefully done in a way not making light of the situation but using them in a serious proper analogy. Computer hacking, especially large corporate servers or government and industrial servers and power grids and such are a real target that if attacked could have devistating concequences. Its just saying watch out or you could be a major target as well.

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I'll put good taste aside here, unless I'm mistaken in thinking that advertising is about pushing ideas to the limit and taking chances, and concentrate merely on the idea here.
It all feels forced to me. If you have an idea that's obscene to begin with, go right ahead. If you insist on doing so to get attention you're wasting precious time and brain cells that will forget you shortly anyway. Take "Lego", for example, who did a much better job with 9/11 in advertising. It felt more relevant than this ad.
Being Cynical is easy. I know, I love it. Just make sure it's right for your ad.

Don't forget to hug your doorman,


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great idea and equally good execution

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I actually did NOT notice the "twin towers" until I started reading all the comments. I agree with whoever said "who cares what Americans think". Its called "Ads of the World" not "Ads made to please America".

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