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Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.
Pablo Picasso

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I do not agree the sympathetic idea and and the DA too

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not so good. they look like they were made in the 80's or something

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the graphic style corresponds well to the time of these singers

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yea i'm sure 2pac would wear that tight fitting shirt. but then again its for mtv.. so no credibility lost.

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The other one is better, but the concept is great!

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What's the concept here?

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yeah what is the concept here? Rival gangster rappers are fans of each other in the afterlife?

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terrible campaign

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Seeing as how it was proven that Biggie was connected to Tupac's murder, this seems pretty...shocking?

Is it saying you should be friends with people that kill you? Oh! I get it now!

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seriously, the more i look at this, the more i hate it. mtv needs to stop trying to heal the world- pac and big hated each other to the death- literally. tupac is spinning in his grave right now like a 1200...and why would big want to be on his 4M black tee anyway?

gordon gartrell
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the idea I think is that you can listen what you want on MTV, even if you're not "suppose" to. MTV try to be "open mind" with this campaign.

Thinking that 2Pac could love Biggie within show the MTV aim... no ?

Don't be so literal, it's advertising, and it shows the world with new eyes, and it's good.

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This ad says nothing. I love it when ads aren't literal but this is not memorable and it doesn't get a message across.
Its garbage.

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I like the message they are sending. They are saying that MTV is the bridge between warring, conflicting, and polarizing music styles. Ever watched MTV during the 40 minutes per day where they actually play music? They play music that otherwise would not appear on the same station. Hence, they WERE playing Biggie AND 2Pac videos on the same shows even though the whole East Coast v West Coast thing was going on.

Basically, they are the medium where these opposites come together. They are positioning themselves as the canvas for peace and tolerance in the music world. I hate MTV, but a brilliant ad is a brilliant ad.

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now i got it! mtv sells t-shirts!

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very bad art direction and concept.

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What a disgrace to Tupac Shakur's legacy.. guess its not the first or last time thats happened...

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2pac's head looks bigger than the rest of his body but that's just me.

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pac's head is bigger than the rest of his body.

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You would catch biggie wearing a pac shirt first, rather than this fake picture.

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This looks fake.

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tupac amaru shakur = 4ever !!!

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