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Way exaggerated and sarcastic. The product is serious. So should be the ad.

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I agree with you, it feels a bit like slapstick humor. Even if it wasn't the intention. But my main issue with the ad is the treatment of the photo. It's too real. It's too flat. Not sure what to suggest though.

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^^ Agreed. It would be more suitable as an ad for nursery and education reform! The idea is pretty cool, but I dont get what the relationship is between the two children, a reversing truck and an eye bank o0


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illusion of movement
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What are you talking about? There's nothing sarcastic about this ad. The ad has a serious tone.

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Serious tone?
Find me something more realistic to convince me. (like a kid showing a drawing to his blind mother...)
Smthg more subtle and indirect. Someting that affects others emotionally, not physcially.
Don't give me some low iq kiddos playing under a truck, while their parent won't move a muslce.
I know he can't see, but can't he hear?

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bad taste...

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forced aswell

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he could be blind, but not deaf... or maybe, he's listening his ipod :P

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Prakash Jayasha...
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..nice thought


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So what?

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relly sad

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sad & bad

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A little overboard. Too bad, because it makes you roll your eyes instead of consider the cause. Plus the guy probably has super-tuned hearing - presumably he'd pick up on the kids talking and the beep-beep of the truck backing up.

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Its supposedly set in rural India, not in the Matrix.


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great idea. good execution.
its not at all sarcastic. this is dam serious. brilliant one