August 2006


Drunk Dave reports the carpenter actually lost his fingers a week before, so not a whole lot of photoshop went into this ad.


Maxhealth. Irresistible doggy treats.

Advertising Agency: Grey Worldwide, South Africa
Creative Director: Mike Barnwell
Art director: Chest Rockwell & Little Bastard
Copywriter: Drunk Dave
Photographer: Jason
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what is going on with grey/south africa these days? the third campaign which is either gross or gory - i don't buy this strategy.

bknowlden's picture

And who is this Drunk Dave character?

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what is the basic objective of advertising?? is to entice and persuade people or scare them away. I, for sure wud
am sure not buying this for my dog.

Drunk dave's picture

Thank you all for your wonderfully constructed comments. I would direct you to to see two of the ads you have commented on. Clive Pickering, head of copy TBWA choose one my ads for ad of the week across the globe. This is truly a fun site where little nit pickers get together and throw in their two cents worth. So I ask you, which of the three I have submitted will get a cannes next year. All bets are open and I look forward to your response. Students of advertising not welcome. Man I love this stuff.

Drunk dave
ivan's picture

I have dogs and this ad talks to me. Love the black humor. It is so true that the tastier the bite in your hand the more careful you have to be with your dog.

Btw, what is this site you linked? They have to work on getting the word out — very little traffic for such a grand claim of having the best ads on TV. I miss the commenting feature.

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salamandos's picture

Why are students not welcome? So only long year professionals can judge the value of your concepts?
For whom do you make such ads?

>Clive Pickering, head of copy TBWA choose one my ads for ad of the week across the globe.

that is so amazing, isn't it..

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heinzz's picture

my bet: none

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Simply delightful campaign!
though I would say the vertical lines of the cuboard doors slightly ruin it for me, and the colour is dull,
infact the over lapping logo is a bit werid too.
and why did you chose a hairy armed man?
surely If the dog were to have savaged his fingers on seperate occassions the first accident would have happened when he offered the food to the door with his thumb and index finger?
surely the index finger would have been the first finger to go?
In theory the advert should have a somewhar mutated pincher/claw pose with the dog food being held by his thumb and "pinky" small finger? ...i.e the last resort in food produce holding techniques.
The dog obviously enjoyed eating human flesh more so than the food product?
does this food contain chemical aditives which makes the dog prone to attack?
a conceptually floored idea from the start.
where's the fun?
the owner is using mild forms of torture for his own personal amusement. Is that the target market? hairy-armed-male-dog-torturers?
one idea could be a perfectly formed dog skeleton at the bottom of a cliff, maybe with an un-opened pack of the dog biscuits.
the dog was so desperate to try and open the snacks to eat the deliciuso treats...he died of malnutrition.
the underlying pun would be that dogs are moderately stupid when it comes to making nutritional based descisions.

arthur davies
popdistortion's picture

Just love your comments! Dog at the bottom of the cliff? Fantastic! Anyway, good ad, the colours could have been more striking and Arthur has made some good suggestions.

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Yes, I love those comments too.. also that one from the amazonas trip is great.

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I was definitly going to say something about the fingers, but you caught it. A pinky/thumb combo would have made much more sense. Also, you are dead on: that is the hariest bastard I've ever seen.

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It's funny. The dog is small, cute and don't look dangerous at all... comparing to the strong man. That's what I like.

Mtl Dave
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Now there is one angry drunk dave!!!
man why are u so pissed off? if this ad is at all for the public to see (i dont think u are publishing it in the planet Saturn) then i think u shud be more open to comments..
and sure arthur davies does have some point...way to go man!!

and whatever happenned to the proverb 'once bitten twice shy'

Drunk dave's picture

Thanks arthur. I wanted to cut the man's other fingers off, but he wasn't so obliging. I look forward to your insightful comments on all the work presented. As I asked MIT have you entered anything for our eagle eyes to pass comment, or are you just keeping the bench warm.

Drunk dave
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It could have done with a bit more pink, as I'm a sugar loving, hyper, fake, ungenuine kind of girl, I would have gone for the Paris Hilton route it just doesn't work for me, despite the career change from being a designer (which is not down to career faliure before you ask!) more pink would be in there a nice gradient probably and lens flare to make it more organic!.......yeah you don't become a producer at Egnim without vision and a blind ear to designers oppinions!

Producer Turned...
arthur davies's picture

My dear boy,
as the late great Bernard Weatherspoon once said
"To upload ones creativity for all others to see and comment on
is like recording a platinum selling album with Pete Waterman only to go and busk it on the streets of nightime Soho to an audience of drunken lady-boys".

-Bernard Weatherspoon 1989

I have a book available if you wish to read any further my creative biography in the advertising industry:

arthur davies
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Be the first person to review his book and, coincidently, the first one to buy it.

Pab fan
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it appears that two have bought it but would now like to sell it used. I'd like to direct you to my book if you're interested.

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I like the approach. Very clever and insightfull. However I see a technical failure. Perspective makes you see that there's nothing wrong with the fingers and at first sight you don't see nothing but a guy feeding his puppy. I think (I meant "I Think" as in my personal opinion) if I had cut the biggest finger completely off and just a part of the next one...that sould be enough.
Just details...nothing big...but details is what turn good into great.
Good shit, man...

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I'm not a big fan of this ad myself. Just looking at the logo you can see that this ad is taking away from the company's core brand image, which appears to be "healthy, fun, loving" and not "ravenous, killing, murderer." If they wanted to be the "bad boy's of the dog food industry" they would have branded themselves that way from the beginning. Still, props on having a Lovage callback in there.

MADE in the USA's picture

Humorous connection with the dog, fingers and tag line.
I’m not a fan of the choice of background/color (or lack their of) The execution needs a tweak however I like the idea and message. further, I don’t see a problem with negative branding, It’s all in good fun and most consumers would likely see it the same way.
hmm definitely more hair on the guy’s arm than on the dog.
mit-u )


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Weird,... Personally,It look as thou the dog enjoyed eating the hairy guy finger rather than the dog food. why is the thumb still in tag? and normally people wont hole stuff with forth finger... I don't know, but something is missing here. It would be great with a lil adjustment on the art direction... other than that. Is fun and funny ads.

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I'm with vibecommotion. Are the fingers the irresistible doggy treats? If not has the dog lost it sense of smell and that's why he prefers the fingers? It's kinda fun but I wouldn't buy the treat and I never liked small dogs anyway.

BTW Clive liked two of my ads too, but Cannes didn't agree.

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that product is dangerous!!! I didn't like that negative perspective...

JC Carvalho
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Hell yeah!!

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