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March 2012

Print advertisment created by Y&R, Peru for Toyota, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Peru
Executive Creative Director: Flavio Pantigoso
Head of Art: Christian Sánchez
Copywriter: Gino Bernabé
Art Director: Renzo Vásquez
Agency Producer: Malena Mellado
Account Supervisor: Manuel Ahumada
Account Executive: Aldo Gabilondo
Post Production: Midas Digital
Retouchers: David Vega, Raúl Pardo

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Tuco's picture
Activity Score 289

it´s an "Wish I´ve done that" ad.

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Activity Score 1113

Love this. It does feel more like a Land Rover ad which could be a good thing.

everartz's picture
Activity Score 7613

great! love it

| everartz |

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P.G. Aditya
Activity Score 40


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Ad Analyst


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Ad Analyst


Temple's picture
Activity Score 11337

Lol Sushil, these are never intended for the consumer, they are awards material. Honestly, do you believe Toyota would ever approve an ad with a broken barrier?

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Nike Diesel
Activity Score 13630


ZeSheep's picture
Activity Score 174

Clever....very clever!!!

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Ad Analyst

@ temple "THIS IS WHAT I HAD TO KNOW BECAUSE ALL THE ADS ON AOW ARE ALWAYS QUITE OPPOSITE AND TOO COMPLEX THAN THE COMMON VOGUE AND ADVERTISING PATTERN. I had asked to ivan several times that if all ads on front page is made by agency for award purpose or is it a client work.
THANKS temple for setting me free from a great confusion that any beginners can have. Form now i will take care about my comments

thedesignaddict's picture
Activity Score 5403

SUPER GOOD. I wish I did this.

ZaboZaboZabo's picture
Activity Score 593

This is one of the WORST photoshop I've ever seen. And the AD is absurdly fake, since it tells me - in a way - that I'll lose control and lose my life.

corporal_hicks's picture
Activity Score 365

Come on man. Execution is not that bad.

Ad Analyst's picture
Ad Analyst

@ZaboZaboZabo take reverse and start thinking about this ad from where you end. you will reach what this ad want to say.

fadirahhal's picture
Activity Score 235

Very nice shoot, simple and funny idea, the product is not there but i don't care...well done

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Manoma's picture
Activity Score 1108

Top idea ;-)
Top rated.

alex valyukh's picture
alex valyukh
Activity Score 263


have a nice day

vlads's picture
Activity Score 541

this what we call flip the idea. great!

quentin's picture
Activity Score 56

same old idea

rfm399's picture
Activity Score 16

@Zabo, look carefully, the FJ broke the barrier going from the mountains into the road, not the other way around.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 50548

love the concept.

R U serious's picture
R U serious
Activity Score 418


Say my name, say my name...

ceronauta's picture
Activity Score 121

Muy bueno !

Las ideas

nostico's picture
Activity Score 110

From that angle and with that specific background it looks more like an accident. I dont get why they used a cliff, they could have say the same with another background I like the idea, but not their final result. (angle & background)

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ambareeshashirivaram's picture
Activity Score 117

ha ha ok


kurtberengeiger's picture
Activity Score 7323

Nice idea, adequately executed.

anooprp's picture
Activity Score 106

Fabulous. Way to go Peru!!!!

Anoop RP - Copywriter

federicoq's picture
Activity Score 43

looks like an accident.. i mean, cool idea but… miss of something.

Milan Solanki's picture
Milan Solanki
Activity Score 994

first impression is negative, forced idea

HellFish's picture
Activity Score 185

Very good idea.

Farragut's picture
Activity Score 236

I smell old nihilistic embittered hiper rational and jealous European comments for which the world gives a shit.

khalifa's picture
Activity Score 40

tranqui tio panti la grafica es genial antes y despues de esos comentarios, ¿porque alterarse?

Farragut's picture
Activity Score 236

Lo que digas tío Bechtle. Incluyendo quien creas que sea jaja.

khalifa's picture
Activity Score 40

jajaja cerca pero no mi querido panti alias Farragut, moscacojonera y sabe dios cual otro.

riyelam's picture
Activity Score 366

If the client don't approve it then he must be a jerk or empty-head...

eslam_designs's picture
Activity Score 55

Great Concept !!

Tuco's picture
Activity Score 289

it´s an "Wish I´ve done that" ad.

Ad Analyst's picture
Ad Analyst

whats going on

Tuco's picture
Activity Score 289

Dear Sushil, the client also pays the agencies for making an impression on consumers mind, so I think an ad as clever as this one wich perfectly fits for a 4x4 turck and none other product is gold for both the client and the agencie. Remember, the consumers are not dumb.

riyelam's picture
Activity Score 366

Sushil first thing first that don't make it personal. Second read the book Positioning by Jack Trout & Al Rise and grow up. Third don't try to hide your lack of artistic sens by saying that art is for gallery.

Chopper's picture
Activity Score 1015

Pay attention driving in the wong lane.

mockingbird's picture
Activity Score 238

done to death.

MaximeGK's picture
Activity Score 78

Not a good idea at all. Toyota should be focused on promoting safety after their faulty break incident. You should definitely NOT play with that type of humour for another 5 years. Why not use a tsunami while you are at it?

Senseless, please try again.

fuckcannes's picture
Activity Score 10

Buena Foto y nada más.
Pésima estrategia, en cualquier lugar de América Latina, eso siginifica accidente y hasta muerte, no me parece gracioso ni inteligente el aviso. Menos si hay algo así de grave de por medio. Toyota? Proactividad mal enfocada. Y eso de que la camioneta es 4x4 y se va por afuera de la carretera más visto que el aviso del escarabajo de Bernbach.

Ankur Agarwal.'s picture
Ankur Agarwal.
Activity Score 26

Too Good

angeyates's picture
Activity Score 127

hahaha amazing!!

grupax's picture
Activity Score 10

nice and clean, shame about the angle of the tracks, despite the cool details showing he drove up, you still get the wrong impression he drove off instead (also do you drive on the left or right side of the road in peru? - for me he droving up the wrong lane.

Social Media Company's picture
Social Media Company
Activity Score 16

So if I buy a Toyota should I expect to fly off the road someday? Not a great message

HEROE®'s picture
Activity Score 39

buena idea, exelente imagen, top!