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oh, common!

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besides the idea that's a bit crap, the art direction is not very good either. sorry

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bad photo.

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copy sucks too.

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Hmmnn, this is kinda lame for a student work.

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we' re not talking about the breakthrough idea and the line needs more workbut i find it neat and nice overall. The turks are really trying...

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yeah.. same here. i find this very simple and neat. nice and engaging colours to attract attention.
BUT, the visual needs a lot of improvement for better art direction!

* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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No veo nada bueno aqui.

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Escherichia Coli is a classification of bacteria transmitted through undercooked meat, particularly beef, 1776 is actually a strain of the bacteria, so a biologist might note that Escherichia Coli 1776 is present, to the best of my recollection it has absolutely nothing to do with the year 1776 (since undercooked beef existed before 1776), and more to do with the common strain of this bacteria having been the 1,776 identified.

My guess would be that the researcher was poor and they just assumed the 1776 referred to the year it was "discovered" OR he was just desperate to make this whole gravestone idea work and figured nobody would know the difference.

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haha awesome, thanks. didn't know the 1776 detail. or are you just winding me up? :D

actually, at first i was about to write that probably most people know the term COLI so they ruin the joke with the additional explanation "bakteri" in brackets.
but then i realised there are a couple of other things about this ad that are possibly bothering me even more.
so i tried to keep it short.

now my attempt failed.

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Yeah you're right there's lots wrong with this ad like how did a bacteria that comes from raw beef end up in your bathroom?

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Escherichia coli (IPA: [ˌɛ.ʃəˈɹɪ.kjə ˈkʰoʊ.laɪ]) (E. coli), is one of the main species of bacteria living in the lower intestines of mammals, known as gut flora.

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simple idea. bad photography, copy and art direction.

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I did this idea before. Only better. ;-)

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Then you still need to try harder...

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Copy at the bottom not means "Millions of germs will die!", it's meaning "Cleans, provides %100 hygiene". Unfortunately this work had Kristal Elma award; the most prestigious advertising award competition in Turkey. Amazing ha?

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So, how many did YOU get of this prestigious award, then? Didn't you add them on your CV the day after the awards show? At an interview for a job, don't you let them employers know about your local awards to bargain for 100 euros more?

Be honest. Be a man.

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Smart and Funny Signature.

It's so easy to critic.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.