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Bad taste. Doesn't sell tea at all.

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still its a lovely art direction!

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lovely? why? because they managed to make the tea look like real pee?
bad bad taste ad. damn!

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Just another example of big name agencies selling any old shit and idiot clients buying the hype.

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hahaha like that sum old shit
youre right dude

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Need more clients that accept to see their product being poured into the toilet and still said "OK, LETS DO IT".

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totally agree!

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I agree, it is amazing what crap these agencies get away with selling.


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I believe the product confuse you all, including myself.

Nice art direction though

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jeeeeez guys, you're so hard to please... i'd buy this tea!

then again, i've the hots for drinking urine.

Andy Schlong Daphong Wrong

Andy Schlong Da...
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ha ha ha ha ha. It's one of those ideas that should be rejected during the Creatives' brainstorm session by this one cynical old fashion guy every other Creatives in the room hate... who probably taken a day off on the day this concept was thought up.

It's strange and interesting, and it certainly grab attention, but it's not a good ad because it doesn't make anyone want to buy the product. XD

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--good idea is enemy of great idea

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That's not the way to place typography. Amateurish. But maybe it works better with Thai writing.

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same here, i dun agree with the idea of the ad... not a proper relevance..

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Quirky idea, hits clean, a different aesthetics.

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haha...they are using gmail.

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