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Bad typoalarm!

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This looks like something you'd find in a grade six class.

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Sounds cliched... And, where is the connect?... Is the other guy having his sunglasses hooked onto his belt?...

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I actually like this ad and its concept (may be I'm biased toward Lowe agency, who knows)
However, there has to be a better way to represent dialog than the balloon text (or at the very least use the comic strip font instead of...whatever the hell that is). Balloon text drives me crazy when used with photograph, it just doesn't work and it looks unprofessional.

If you can't find alternative to balloon text, then may be make the whole thing an illustration will be better. And what's up with the bad photo? I mean, it's not bad in terms of quality or style, but it's just an awful photograph for an ad. The wall is bright pink and the guy's shirt has red strips on them. On thumbnail those guys look like photo shop copy and paste.

Get your eyes to shut up idea can be used somewhere else, but not the toilet.


--good idea is enemy of great idea

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I like the 'get your eyes to shut up' concept (althoug something similar was in a Comm Arts few years ago). but the execution is just awful.

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Love it...Hate it
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This concept will go so far if you change the execution
& art direction. Stock Photo, right? My God!!

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