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October 2009

Print advertisment created by Ogilvy, Spain for TMB, within the category: Transport.

Large films don't fit in here. 1st International Metro Short Film Festival. October 1st to 18th.

Advertising Agency: Bassat Ogilvy and Mather, Barcelona, Spain
Creative Director / Art Director: Francesc Talamino
Copywriter: Nacho Magro
Photographer: Garrigosa Studio
3D Illustration: Lucas Pigliacampo

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not sure about it. i mean it is obvious that king kong and dinos wouldnt fit into a building. wouldnt it be more fun having stuart little, angelinas chest or jack niclolsons face trying to fit in there?

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Another attack on train stations in Spain?

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Nice execution

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They're more talking about summer blockbuster films that are highly advertised, like Jaws, King Kong, and Jurassic Park.

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I didn't got the idea behind the slogan! Why should we compare to blockbuster ones? To whom we are addressing the message? Was this the best way to promote a Short Film Festival! I bet we can find much better ways and slogans! I don't want to be negative, but yet, can't agree on the creative route.

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Totally agree....

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both the line and art direction is good but they have no correlation to each other. It's just an eye catching ad with poor message. respect to OM.

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Sydney based jake
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Good concept, nice PS.

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i like the copy, and PS is also very nice. they obviously mean blockbusters, because it's a low-budget "short movie" festival. nothing wrong or disconnected.

but why placing the headline like that?... design is bad, typho is poor, proportioning is wrong.

it's like a little annoying bug on a large plate of delicious food...

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very cool, not perfect, but interesting

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Good but...........some supporting elements are missing................