Second job, 3

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January 2009

Print advertisment created by TDA Advertising & Design, United States for Titus, within the category: House, Garden.

It's worth a second job.

Advertising Agency: TDA Advertising & Design, Boulder, Colorado

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"Believe us, we don't wanna tell you why it's good, but it deserve to get another job to buy it !"

And you think the target gonna like it ?
Please ...

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Great Creative directors dont work in this true ???...."scary work", must think for a new job guys.

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andrej dwin
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Guest1: well, the TA is probably savvy enough to find info about it elsewhere.
like the specialized mags they read etc.

I love the idea. it's simple and it works.

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true all US ads are not good :)

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i said that before and im saying it again: north america's advertising is crap!

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It may not be the most creative idea, but I like ads that have this kind of honesty. It's saying the bikes are so good, it's worth it for the average Joe to invest extra money to own one. That speaks volumes about the product quality and the company's commitment to bike riders. This could have been a shot of a biker with a headline that talks about "only the best"--which would have been lame and predictable. These are talking to me, the consumer. They get my reality (I'm not made of money but I'll splurge when it's really worth it).

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i like the idea. the artdirection not so much.

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Easy Job. Don't give a brand attraction.
Çok zayıf bir fikir üzerine kurgulanmış, başarısız bir çalışma. Ne yani asıl meslekleri bisiklet
üzerine mi kurgulanmıştır.Ha, eğer öyleyse bisikletler kategori olarak yanlış seçilmiş

İyi Reklam, Kötü Reklam

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I think most of you are having an over-rational answer. You are not thinking with the customer's shoes on your foot. I do mountain biking, and the add works great because it is establishing something well known: the brand is not cheap, but it will let you do more for you (trust me, I've broken 3 bikes)so... the consumer looking a great body while doing a second job makes a lot of sense to me, and sells the product quite good.



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I like it. And i like expensive bikes, too.