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Disco Munky
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Who are these talking to?

The brick throwers?

...They throw bricks. What makes you think they care what you think of them?

The time for this half hearted idea to work, has passed.


Doin' it for the points

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Do people usually throw rock to be part of a community?

Are these Ads a bit weird, or is it me? Maybe i should move my bum and get me some coffee...

By the way, don't like the art direction on this one!

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Yes, they do. They call themselves "United against windows and the man"

I don't know, to me, the folks who engage in violent behaviour aren't going to feel that going to this website is going to be as effective in their message... or lack of message, whatever the case may be.

Misguided aim.

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If u live in denmark it'll make sense, 'cause we had some episodes with rockthrowing people in copenhagen...

I like it!!