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Boony wants a beer
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Kind of hard work I think. What's the other CD in this one? I get the Metallica/Madonna one, but I think the other two CDs need to have more iconic artwork, perhaps the naked baby in the pool on "Nevermind" for example or the Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" prism cover. Maybe the target demo are music buffs who would definitely recognise these CDs, but the campaign limits itself in that regard, a problem that could easily be avoided. And true some people may still not know the albums I've mentioned, but I think the strike rate would be far higher.

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It's The Clash (English 70s/80s punk rock band) - London Calling

Wikipedia says: "Their third album, the late 1979 release London Calling is considered by many critics to be one of the greatest albums in the history of rock music"

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andrej dwin
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I'll go with boony here.
the only one I got was metallica/madonna.

I'm sure not the biggest music fan of all times, but well... I don't care what the critics said about the Clash album. the cover isn't that famous to allow jokes.

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Boony wants a beer
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Cool. Any idea what the third execution is?

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the third execution is Rolling Stones' Flashpoint. I think it's a 90s album. I agree on the fact that more popular covers would have boosted the campaign's message. I do like the "paradox" of madonna/metallica though. You would think a person who listens to her music wouldnt buy metallica and vice versa. Still there are people (present company included lol) who do have like a prayer and master of puppets all in the same cd case lol

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nice. :) this album by the clash is actually included in mtv's 50 greatest album covers of all time. ;)

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this ad totally works for me. recognized every cover in less than 1sec. and i am a very average music geek. the same average music geek that could sell his cd's to buy new ones. in a second hand store.

and no, this is not my campaign. i don't even know the agency.