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the compositing of rookie is not good
try to work little bit more


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Charlie Pratt
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Yeah, the lighting/shadowing effects are not true enough to fool me.. keep at it. I like the concept, though.

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I was done thinking then I realized I didn't think enough.

| everartz |

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After reading the headline, looking at the visual and reading all the words in the visual, reading the tagline, I didn't know what they are selling. And then I read the copy, I still didn't know what they are selling.

Then I scrutinized the visual closely and eureka! they are are talking about those tight fitting things the athletes are wearing.

Took a bloody long time.

And what the hell does the "Rookie" got to do with anything?

Or for that matter "Custom Glove Maker" etc etc.

And where the hell does "script" fit into any of this mess?

And yeah, the cut and paste job is very amateurish.