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August 2008

Print advertisment created by Be Positive 24, India for The MMMafia, within the category: Food.

The sexiest Italian food in town.

Advertising Agency: be positive 24, Chennai, India
Creative Directors / Copywriters: Sandeep Makam, Abhishek D Shah
Art Director: Sunil V

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Activity Score 509

please make it stop.

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my eyes¡¡¡

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Activity Score 1601

I think, therefore... yeah.

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Activity Score 60

What a campaign!! this one stands out from the crowd

el matacho's picture
el matacho

in that restaurant you´ll eat from the floor

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Guest commenter

Well, f&*% me!

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Activity Score 9

It is dinner time, but non of the food made me hungry!

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wouldnt a simple line like "The best f#$% you'll ever have" be better

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That´s F&#! disgusting! looks horrible!!! AND THAT!!! THAT!! THAT IS NOT F&#! SEXY!!!!!!

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That´s F&#! disgusting! looks horrible!!! AND THAT!!! THAT!! THAT IS NOT F&#! SEXY!!!!!!

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Activity Score 20

Really can't see what everyone's complaining about - made you look didn't it? and you'll remember it? SO where's the problem? I did a double-take at my monitor and sniggered and looked for more. There are some incredibly beautiful, intelligent worthy ads around, which is great, but can't we occasionally have a little fun? That's why this one stands out - clean layout, bold copy, strong identity, and rude sense of complaints from me!

Except maybe about "Everyone who's experienced our f&#! loves it!" Somehow I don't think that's as strong as the copy on the other ads in the campaign.

And food IS sexy! Anyone who says otherwise needs to stop eating MacDonald's and get themselves some tastebuds.

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cheap copy from an argentinian ad that came out in the 80s. besides, this concept is already overused in countless ways. perhaps, it would impress a noob.

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Activity Score 19

It looks like chopped cockroaches on rice. Disgusting.

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Activity Score 429

Food looks yummy and sexy.Ad works for intended audience. What the hell y'all blabbering abt?