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August 2010

Print advertisment created by Richter7, United States for The Green Ant, within the category: House, Garden.

Strip away everything that isn't essential and you'll finally have something that is.

Advertising Agency: Richter7, Salt Lake City, USA
Creative Director: Dave Newbold
Art Director: Dave Larson
Copywriter: Gary Sume
Photographer: Stock

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the lines are altogether too familar.

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razorsharp creative
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This is better than their "wooden chair" ad because it's more obvious how things were "removed" in order to achieve the simplicity the ad is trying to communicate. The wooden chair looked pretty much like a lot of wooden chairs, this table is quite different than most tables and those differences are a direct result of what has been "stripped away". Copy and photo working together. Nice.

-Richard Todd Aguayo (razorsharp creative)

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The piece here is the Noguchi table. The "wooden chair" you refer to from the other ad is a famous Eames design, the Eames lounge chair. They're all very famous examples of furniture as modern art. There are no extraneous lines to the Noguchi table, Eames La Chaise, Eames LCW, or the "enlightening" Nelson bubble lamps. They all seem simplistic but in doing so are forward thinking in design and use of materials.

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The lines are clever, but not emotionally evocative. The campaign may be easily forgotten.

Overall, just nice.

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Who cares if the campaign would be remembered after a while? all that matters and should matter is if this campaign sells the damn product. I have seen campaigns that have become famous, but sadly haven't done much to solve the objective it set out to solve.

PS - I'm not in client servicing, just in case if you're wondering. ;)

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Bad Blur.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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I love this table!

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I own this table, live in a mid-century ranch and love the modern era of design. Without the benefit of a design brief, I think this ad fails not in execution, but in concept. You can buy modern furniture in many different places, both online and off. But why should I buy from the in Utah? I would think this ad should sell the The Green Ant and not the already famous and well-known product.

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The best product in the series is the table. Superb copy and excellent art direction throughout the series. Richter7, you've done it.


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I love my table. Thanks for focusing on it. now what's the campaign about?