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same for a pair in my student class. i think that this one tops all three though. except of course on novelty.

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the linked ads are also inspired/stolen/robbed from the the book "AREA 51".
this ad has more artistic flair and more natural approach...

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Close, but not quite the same, sorry. It's pushing the idea to the next level. Having said that, I dont think the add-on tutu really adds anything -- you can see the point in just the photo.

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maby you`re right - it`s a matter of personal taste i guess.
why do you think this print pushes the idea further?
both are about "we see ocasional people in the streets and make audience compare them with the ballet dancers".
the way we make it is a question of exeсution but contseptually campaigns a absolutely the same.

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think this does in one shot what the other does in two. And slightly better.

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it`s not about the idea

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The earlier campaign depended on a second photo to make its point. This one takes a more engaging stance and asks the reader to become more involved with the message.

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...shadows are nowhere.

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It's england. There are no shadows.

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hahaha! good one.

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I like the type treatment.

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excellent. I love this kind of ads.

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Wow! Kirie Des-ne?
Beautiful Photography. Nice Composition too.

Don't know what it was done for... Etto... Text might be readable???