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why a woman's bicycle seat?

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because it's a woman, getting on a woman's bike. there isn't a centre bar, like on a man's bike.

i think this one is the worst of all three. the other two are full shots of people, in fairly innocuous situations, this one focus' on a woman's ass and crotch about to squish some gum. it's on the verge of being fetishist, which doesn't fit with the other two ads. i really don't like this one, they could have come up with a "cleaner" version.
two thumbs down for this execution.

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Assvertising?! Well it might work.
If someone is sitting down it´s usually done with an ass so I have no prob with that. Not an award winner though.

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teams work a lot and sometimes are so involved with their work that they dont see it from the outside.
thats creative directors work, i should say this one is CRAP. that doest ruin jeans.

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Corona Raymaker
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This one also sucks. Not because of the retouch, but for it's stupid logic.
You need to buy a new pant, just because you sat down into bubblegum?
What a claim!
(A little tip, if you happen to sit down on gum: Throw you pants in the fridge for some hours. When the gum is frozen, you can easily put it off)'s picture
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Nope. Ive tryed that freezer trick. Don't work. Gum still stuck and some ugly spots too.

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Nice Ass!


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Richard Kent
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Nice ass for sure but that gum can be very sticky so watch where you're sitting. :)

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I would looooove to see her sit down in that gum.