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October 2011

Print advertisment created by DDB, Brazil for Terra, within the category: Transport.

Catch your breath.
Terra Travel.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Chief Creative Officer: Sergio Valente
Executive Creative Director: Sergio Valente
Creative Directors: Guilherme Jahara, Marcelo Reis, Cassiano Saldanha
Art Director: Gustavo Victorino
Account Executives: Ricardo Zanella, Karen Fuoco, Camila Gertner
Copywriter: Otavio Schiavon
Photographer: Fernando Zuffo

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NicoCiego's picture
Activity Score 1033

I really dig this one. :)

drkstr17's picture
Activity Score 67

Like the metaphor, but I'm not sure if the line is quite right.

thedavesiknow's picture
Activity Score 167

Fresh + simple. Great job.

Serge BARREAU's picture
Activity Score 20

I love the idea ... but - let's be a little pests - it only can represent situations of holiday in water : a hotel with swimming pool or a tropical sea. It may be a handicap for the image of

Never have time to do. Always time to redo.

ladybug2535's picture
Activity Score 78

I disagree Serge: I think the point is that they are drowning in work. Feeling overwhelmed. I don't think the water specifically represents the vacation, it visually represents the job. The vacation is to allow yourself to breath. The image is actually quite literal.

supertramp's picture
Activity Score 5

water with hole on the right side, ups

vote4pedro's picture
Activity Score 4601

sloppy photoshop. the screwed up the waterline on the right hand side.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 51022

WAITTTTT.,.... Is that supposed to be a female in the water or a male in woman's clothing in the water???

MindDrift's picture
Activity Score 1170

It's a dentist

arthor's picture
Activity Score 513

nah man he's right its a girls body, check the high heels

ladybug2535's picture
Activity Score 78

Why in the heck would they try to confuse the viewer--especially in a straightforward ad like this, by putting a man in women's clothing in the water? That wouldn't make sense. Its a female dentist. In your defense though, it would be better if the human figure was larger.

Dirgha's picture
Activity Score 103

love the concept...

ladybug2535's picture
Activity Score 78

Aside from the minor photoshop blip, the biggest criticism I have is that the human figure (and the accessories in the water) could be larger. That would make it easier to identify what he/she/it is and what they are supposed to represent. Admittedly the ad will be larger in most print applications, but they still seem too small. Other than that the ad is very effective in getting it's message across. People are literally drowning in their work, and vacations allow them to come up for air. Interesting concept.

YOSEF 302's picture
Activity Score 62


Yosef Khouwes. Creative Director / Filmmaker

Samson Muthiah's picture
Samson Muthiah
Activity Score 626

cooool really .