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illustration killed the idea

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Activity Score 1239

What idea??? It's just a beautiful and different way to show the logo.


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what??? the illustration saved the idea!

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i don't know what's the main message here , but this is a very nice interpretation for the logo

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im not sure if the art directors did such a good job in getting the idea crossed.. can someone explain ?

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If it takes more than 3 secs to find out whats the idea...

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It may as well be the same advert 8 times, lame!

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nice illustration

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Honestly, i totally agree with Kateter.

This illustration confused my eyes for quite a few seconds.

Doesn't work for me.

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I'm not that familiar with their logo so it took me some time to figure it out too. After reading other's comments, I got it.
The illustration, though very nice and dynamic does detract from the look of their logo.

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I think they are better for outdoor. You need to see them from a certain distance to read the logo.

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Made Of Ideas
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But if it's too much of a distance you don't see the image in the logo. I don't think these work.

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these are beeing forced into this logo form.
some of them are even hard to recognise as sportsmen.

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Don't mind these.
Anyone here remember Ralph Steadman?

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Good call. His stuff is really similar.

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these are nice, but their logo is not established well enough (at least not here in the states) for this to work. i wear a pair of reebok and i would have had to do some head scratching had i not seen the title on the webpage.

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Man I feel sorry for the average punter these days...

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Dear Mr. Prasoon Joshi

your ad looks fab it is a way to make logo look more strong with those strong illustrations.
It is a positive way to promote the brand as Reebok is made for sporty, strong and people who can take.

God Bless

Rattan Makkar

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i really dont understand why people have to show their critique every time someone does a good piece of work.