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not getting it... would love to get it... but not getting it.

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i think that you should untie the laces to get the key out.. and the laces is the part that matches with "another side that leaves home without a credit card". for you to get it go and see the peas add maybe its little clearer than this.. and ivan do you think that ads should be that complexed?


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What??????? Not a AD but a encripteded message.

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I love the image!

(Psst! What are they selling again?)

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Jet Lee
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I think what they're trying to say is:
'There's always that playful character (>side) in all of us, the side that doesn't care if we leave home without our credit card, the rebellious side that makes us refuse eating our vegies and the cheeky side that triggers us to fill our bag with souvenirs from wedding party'. (see the other ads).

And the products let spend us more time with that playful side > to go out and play, instead of spending too much time washing dishes, laundry, etc.

As for the key attached on the shoe-lace, I think they're just trying to describe a care-free person leaving home with nothing but their key. (Maybe it's a local joke?)

Anyway, ads that need so much explanation obviously don't work, eh?
Maybe could be better with better copy?

Is it just me or DM9's recent ads posted here all seem to have weak copy and okay concepts, nothing like the agency's previous award-winning pieces. (I love their brilliant past works).

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Looks like a car or a blke key. Or is it a house key and he's not wearing anything. I like these.