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January 2013
TAP Print Ad -  Oscar


Fuel Lisboa created a print ad to pay tribute to the late Oscar Niemeyer, the famous Brazilian architect, who passed away last November.

Print advertisement created by Fuel, Portugal for TAP, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: Fuel Lisboa, Portugal
Creative Directors: Marcelo Lourenco, Pedro Bexiga
Copywriter: Marcelo Lourenco
Art Director: Pedro Bexiga
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I thought it was a tribute to a porn star.

Black Hour
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you got that right..

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Black Hour
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This will go past most people's heads unless you live in Brazil, and some European countries, or if you know architects. Oscar Niemeyer's iconic design on Brazil's parliment is depicted in the ad. It's simple - modernism at its best. The ad speaks for itself. It's not the greatest, but a fitting tribute nonetheless. To call Oscar a porn star is akin to call George Washington a cross dresser (because of his wig and all). Anyways, it's disappointing to read the lack of intelligence or culture on these boards. Just because you don't get it, it probably means you're not the audience.

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Where did I say he WAS a porn star?
I just said what crossed my mind the second I've seen this ad, in a funny (bad funny) way.

Chill out. Like you said it's just not clear for non Brazilian people.
You wouldn't have said that if you didn't know about that artist.

I thought this was bad but I didn't want to seems like an ass, to be honest this isn't a good ad.
It's lazy and not as smart as they think. Culture as nothing to do here, this is a print campaign so off course people who don't know the guy will see this. The fact that I do or don't doesn't matter.

PS: sorry for bad english, hard to explain myself like this

Black Hour
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Hi, folks.
@ Black Hour : I dont agree with "Culture as nothing to do here, this is a print campaign so off course people who don't know the guy will see this".
In fact, this is (sometimes) part of a good ad. First : everybody see a dick… 2nd : the audience see the cultural reference. 3rd : the audience think "niark, niark, lots of dummies will only see the dick, but I saw the reference, I'm the best. Glory, alleluia.".
U see ?
(And yes, my english is also bad ;-) )

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What I wanted to say is that for this kind of ad you'll have a majority of people not understanding what it is supposed to be.
It would be great if all the ads of the world had a cultural reference like this; but that's not the case (sadly)

Black Hour
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