Tank, 1

May 2007

Face your power.
If you join the cyber activists you can stop more.
So today, join the thousands of cyber activists who think just like you.
Be a cyber activist, and realize how powerful you really are.
Enlarge this finger and stop all below!
Don't forget, while u act cyber, the results are real.

Advertising Agency: Safari, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Bulent Fidan
Art Director / Illustrator: Utku Turer
Copywriter: Erhan Ali Yilmaz

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Ndukwe Onuoha's picture
Ndukwe Onuoha
Activity Score 149

too much repetition, too much copy. too much repetition, too much copy. too much repetition, too much copy. too much repetition, too much copy.

Big ideas are often small

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

actually, did they mention that we should join the cyber activists?

erhanali's picture
Activity Score 368

The message is clear. It is impossible to stop destruction by your own. But, it is this easy to stop it if you get together as a cyber activists. So join and enlarge this finger.

"Everyday is one short life"

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

Someone explain how "enlarge this finger" is a reason to join. It sounds like one of those mass e-mails you get to boost your member (as opposed to membership).

creative_assylum's picture
Activity Score 134

maybe the english translation is wrong